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With the experience of 6+ years in our own sim-center and with the feedback from our customers and partners, we created an innovative solution to make daily life easier for sim center - operators around the globe and ensure a high quality experience for the customer.

Lounge Control® (LC) is a modern, web-based management software that supports Simcenter and Simcade operators equally in the daily operation of their centers. LC controls simulators, simulations, and content, manages customers, promotes competition, reduces staff deployment, and thus, costs.
In addition to control and management, LC has another important function: it motivates customers to compete more with each other. With various functions and features, we intentionally activate the battle for best times and rankings on the leaderboard, thereby increasing revenue.
MC Sim Racing
Sim Suite Silverstone
eSports Central
Valencia, Track Event

Remote Control

Remote Control of Simulator, Motion systems, Sessions, Servers, Groups and Assetto Corsa features.


Leaderboard local and global in realtime. Different modes, pagination, additional information, Driver Performance Index integrated, Global Grid integrated

Content Management

Cars, Tracks, Laps, Car Classes, centralized backgrounds etc. Display and management, database management and tools.


Leading Group Management Tool. Management, dedicated group features, single-operator-mode, content management, automation

Global Grid

Global Leaderboards for all Car Classes and Tracks in realtime

Driver Performance Index

Personal Safety Rating, Histroy and Analysis. Comparison with other drivers


Servers, registration, broadcast - all available in OFFLINE - mode (Events...)


LOUNGE CONTROL is global Partner of D-BOX for Sim Center Software

Why We’re Different

Since 2017, the "Virtual Racing Lounge" successfully operates in Böblingen (near Stuttgart, south of Germany). Lounge Control is the answer to the many daily challenges of simcenter operations. But LOUNGE CONTROL is not about adding all features we could possibly think of - it is about creating a tailored workflow solution with features that operators need - including reporting. For the sim-center customers, LOUNGE CONTROL helps creating a high quality experience that's being rewarded by their position on the leaderboard and we all know - its about the competition !


LOUNGE CONTROL is a modern, touchscreen capable solution with unique features. It focuses on the daily core tasks and intelligently integrates 3rd party services and features. We do, what we do best. As a result, LOUNGE CONTROL is very fast to install, easy to update with our dedicated update tool, fast and reliable, fault tolerant and quick to learn. We put a lot of effort in a robust, reliable technology platform including license management and individual updates for every module of the software package. As an extra, LOUNGE CONTROL is fully operable in an offline setting (e.g. external events, booths, outdoor....). By 2024, LOUNGE CONTROL is available in many locations around the world (e.g Germany, Switzerland, England, United States, Saudi Arabia). Two of the most famous racetracks in the world are also LOUNGE CONTROL customers : The Nürburgring and Silverstone. 

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